Page Variables not working

Hugo newbie here. Trying to get data put in Front Matter then displayed in the page like this:

title: "Edge Design Narrative"
date: 2022-10-20T14:14:25-05:00
author: "Josh, John"
version: "1.0"
test: "test1"

{{ .Params.test }}
### Author: {{ }}
### Version: {{ .Params.version }}
### ServiceNow Project Number: N/A

I don’t see any special syntax highlighting in VSCode like I would expect. Then, when running ‘hugo server’, I see the following…

If you want to have syntax highlighting in VSCode, you should install the relevant Hugo extensions.

As to the rest of your code: template code does not make sense in markdown files. It belongs in template files.

Read about it here

You should probably not assume that something does “not work” if you’re a newbie. Chances are that it works exactly as it’s designed and that you haven’t gotten around to fully grasp the stuff :wink: