Page resources of nested folder not found

I have a leaf bundle with a structure like so:

├── images
│   ├── bike.jpg
│   └── InvertedPendulumModel.png
└── logs

I am trying to retrieve a specific image “bike.jpg” through page resources. However when I display all the paths of the recognized page resources for the sake of debugging, nothing comes up.

{{ range $journey.Resources.Match "*"}}
  <b>{{.RelPermalink}}</b> <br>
{{ end}}

If I do this for a directory without the nested image folder, this works fine. Such as the following structure

├── aboutme.svg
├── landingpage.png
├── oldportfolio.gif

I get


However I would much prefer to have that image folder for organizational sake. What am I doing wrong?

Your example is a branch bundle (, not a leaf bundle (

See documentation.

Where can the Resources live?

Only in the directory level of the branch bundle directory…