Page render error

Hello all,

I am using hello-friend theme.
All of sudden, upon running Hugo to build, I get this error:

execute of template failed: template: posts/single.html:4:11: executing "posts/single.html" at <partial "head.html" .>: error calling partial: execute of template failed: html/template:partials/head.html:40:12: no such template "_internal/google_news.html"

Not sure what’s going on. I looked for “google_news” everywhere but I could not find it.

Thanks for any help.

That template was removed in recent Hugo updates. If you downloaded the theme, you need to remove the reference to that template in layouts/partials/head.html or update the theme. I checked the original theme and it has no reference to that template.

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Thanks! this was the solution. Interestingly, I had removed the said template and ran a build–which ended in a fail. However, doing the same today worked.

Appreciate your answer, JazakAllah Ta’aala.

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