Page bundler with

Hi guys. I’m using for CMS. It work. I can post any content from it and publish to my blog.
But im facing another problem when implement image processing.
I want to published article follow this template by using

# page bundle template
# content/posts/hello/

Also im follow up this tutorial Hugo Responsive Images With Markdown Render Hook – Bennett Notes. To make it clear. I want to make sure publish page bundle of hugo

Is there anyway to do it?
IIRC. Netlify CMS can actually do it. but i don’t want to use Netlify CMS

That is to my knowledge not possible. Upload of images in is only possible into one single folder. That would go against the whole page bundle philosophy. I tried it a year ago, so that is my knowledge of back then, but it would have made some waves if it’s possible now.

That Netlify CMS can do it now is good. Let’s hope forestry follows up. They are as far as I know closed source, Netlify CMS open source, so there is a difference that helped the latter one jumping forward.

Hey thanks. If you said so . Well im gonna switch to Netifly CMs. Since im using Netlify as my host my blog
One thing , speaking on Netlify CMS page bundles.
I want to organize my artcle something like

# content/posts/day-month-year-{{slug}}/
title: "article-title"

So how can i do it on Netlify CMS?