Outputting 'draft' status

I was hoping to indicate content’s draft status with something like the following:

{{ if .Site.BuildDrafts }}
    {{ if .Params.draft }}<p>Draft</p>{{ end }}
{{ end }}

However, there doesn’t seem to be a .Params.draft or any other relevant variable available to a single/item/content/page template.

Does anyone know if it’s possible without including a second/repetitive front matter variable, such as draft2? Thanks.

Draft is a page variable, so you can access it as .Draft.

  {{ if .Site.BuildDrafts }}
    <h2>Building Drafts</h2>
    {{ if .Draft }}<p>Draft</p>{{ end }}
  {{ end }}

Great - thanks. Pull request for docs submitted.

Shortcodes can help since they can be used directly in your content:

<!-- layouts/shortcodes/flagDrafts.html -->
{{ if .Page.Draft }}{{ .Inner  }}{{ end }}

That can be used in your content as needed:

{{% flagDrafts %}}This is a draft version{{% /flagDrafts %}}
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