[OT]: Stop creation of backup files

Beginning with version 0.91.1, every file I edit has a corresponding .bak file created. How do I disable this? It is breaking my site and --watch and I have to rebuild each time I edit.

This question is related to Windows and it is OT in this forum.

These files are created either by a backup program or another app like for example Onedrive.

Hugo has nothing to do with the creation of these files.

You need to search the internet for ways of turn off the creation of .bak files.

On the Hugo side you can use the ignoreFiles parameter so that these files are ignored when building the project. Also you can add then to a .gitignore file if you are using Git.

Turns out it was a setting in Notepad++ Settings->Preferences->Backup->Backup on save which was activated on reinstallation.