OT: HTML widgets not displaying in web browsers

Dear all,

I have written a blog post in .Rmardown, knitted in a .md. I am working on Rstudio. I am using HTMLwidgets that I have saved using widgetframe R package and I am introducing the saved .HTML like this:

<iframe src="/post/exploring-stagflation/index.en_files/figure-html/widgets/widget_DT.html" width="100%" height="500px"> </iframe> 

Everything seems ok and it’s working perfectly well locally. However, after building my website with Netlify, I have a problem with Firefox and Chrome, as they refuse to show the htmlwidgets. You can see the result here: Exploring Stagflation Explanations with Interactive Networks | Aurélien Goutsmedt
I am wondering if it can be linked in any way with some parameters I am unable to track. I have searched for a solution for hours and I am really struggling with that… Any help would be really appreciated.



Look at the browser console for error messages.