OT: How to enable animations as you scroll on my Hugo website

Hey guys I have animations imported with animate.css (https://animate.style/) but I’d like them to activate on scroll. I’ve struggled to find a solid piece of information that can help me so I’m hoping you guys could help fill the gap.

You can see the animation in effect when you disable and enable it by the “Our Process” section on the header tag (see attached). How do I animate it on scroll, could someone provide me with a plugin/ piece of code I can use?

Site: gofishvideo.com

My sites using Jquery, so how would I enable the feature with Jquey, do I edit the Jquery file, make a new one, make a JS file, etc, then how do I call that code within the Index/partitial files?

P.S. I don’t mind paying for help implementing these custom animations

@George_Heginbotham You might try posting your question to the animate.css issues queue. This type of assistance is not within the scope of this forum. Thanks.