OT: Avoid trailing line break in figure

Hey there,

is it possible to put multiple images side by side using the figure shortcode? They always seem to be put into a new line. How to avoid that behavior? Unfortunately I do not know much about CSS and all that stuff so some point into the correct direction would be highly appreciated.

What I have:

{{< figure src="1.jpg" link="1.jpg" height=150 height=150 >}}{{< figure src="2.jpg" link="2.jpg" height=150 height=150 >}}

What I get

<p><figure><a href="1.jpg">
    <img src="1.jpg" height="150"/> </a>
<figure><a href="2.jpg">
    <img src="2.jpg" height="150"/> </a>

Using v0.79.1-EDB9248D linux/arm64
with https://github.com/Lednerb/bilberry-hugo-theme

Edit: Since I already wasted a couple of hours on this trying to figure out how this CSS thingies work I ended up using the gallery feature of the mentioned theme. Not ideal but works.

That is the output of the Hugo internal figure shortcode.

Layout needs to be controlled with CSS, not by eliminating line breaks.
I’m afraid that we do not offer support for CSS in this forum.

See W3Schools for some techniques, but also search StackOverflow, CSS-Tricks and similar.

P.S. I edited your post above for simplicity and clarity.