Original filename of named page resource?

Hello everybody,

Is there a way to get the original filename of a file, which has been given a new name as a page resource in the front-matter?

I would appreciate any hint, because I couldn’t figure out an easy way reading the docs.



└── post/
    └── test/
        ├── images/
        │   └── a.jpg
        └── index.md


title = 'Test'
date = 2022-08-18T08:12:38-07:00
draft = false
name = 'kitten'
src = 'images/a.jpg'


{{ with .Resources.Get "kitten" }}
  {{ .Name }}            --> kitten
  {{ .Key }}             --> /post/test/images/a.jpg
  {{ .Key | path.Base }} --> a.jpg
{{ end }}

Thanks a lot, @jmooring. I’m gonna use this .Key in the next days and report here.

Yes, that’s the best solution. While playing around I saw, that the .Title also still contains the original filename. But its gone, when the title parameter of the resource is also explicitly set like the name.

Thanks again.

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