Org-mode and org-ref ? - Links not working?


I usually use org-ref to cite literature I keep in bib file.
Unfortunately Hugo displays this in post


And links, as well as cite:paper are not rendered correctly.
How amazing org-ref is you can find here

However, there is problem with Hugo -> Org-mode conversion, it seems not everything is parsed correctly.

I could export to Markdown and than it looks a bit better. But I would really like to use just org-mode, which seems just way better.

The Go Org parser used by Hugo is not a complete Org parser. Its use is limited to post content that has just Markdown-like markup. Trying to use even moderate Org syntax breaks it.

That said, org-ref reminds me of this ox-hugo issue #145. Turns out there’s a bug in org-ref that triggers only for Markdown exports (like during ox-hugo exports). So the dev has disabled the bibliography link exports for Markdown until that gets fixed (org-ref #558 ).