One base template for two different sections / content singles?

My site has a lot of different content types, with a few sharing very similar single page template code. An example…



  • single.html

- single.html

The code in each of these single.html templates is nearly identical, but with some difference. Is there a way to set the single.html template from contentTwo to inherit the single template from contentOne?

Not a direct inheritance, no, but if you find they share a lot of code, I’d recommend breaking up as much as possible into partials…or a single partial where you pass in a different context based on section. Mind sharing a repo or more of your templating?

We use partials quite a bit and already pass in dictionaries including . as a member. But a main partial for similar content is a good idea. I don’t have a public repo to share yet but I appreciate the help

Thank you!

No problem. Just be sure to @ me when you have some code to share and I’d be happy to help. Cheers!