Not rendering dropdown Menu consistently

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to get my menu to render properly for quite some time, and I can’t find help from the docs, or the forum search.

hugo env:
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.59.0/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown GOOS="darwin" GOARCH="amd64" GOVERSION="go1.13.3"



Directory structure:

What I want: A dropdown menu under .NET-Blazor that includes all of the children, i.e. (ExamplesAndTutorials, GettingStarted, Troubleshooting, & WhyBlazor?)

What happens: The dropdown child only renders as part of the dropdown when I explicitly toggle its showInMenu; It renders whether toggling true->false, or false->true

Each of those are branch bundles with the following front-matter in

title: "<Child Name>"
date: 2019-10-28T23:59:30-05:00
draft: true
showInMenu: true
hideLastModified: true
weight: -20
summary: "test"
summaryImage: ""

Now, the interesting thing is that they rendered correctly the first few runs of hugo server -D. However, now they only render when I edit each one’s front-matter and refresh the page, which I have to do one by one to add them to the dropdown.

Changing them to draft: false does not change behavior.

My config.yaml is the theme default.

Thanks in advance! Sorry if I broke any of the forum styling guides. I’m a new poster here and still have a bit to learn.

I just seemed to solve the issue by changing the section name from “.NET-Blazor” to “NET-Blazor”, which makes me think this is either a bug, or obscure rule, in Hugo. I suppose the leading “.” might be causing some issues, but I have neither the experience, nor time, to look into the Hugo source code.

Does anyone know if this is the case?

On Unix based systems (with MacOS is) files with names starting with . are hidden.

It wouldn’t surprise me that, depending on your build environment, a directory starting with a . may not build as expected.

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@bep Has this caused issues before?