(Next|Prev)InSection are `nil`

Hi everyone, fairly new to using Hugo! For the most part, I love how easy it is to thow together a fast, responsive blog. I have however ran in to a hurdle that I am trying to overcome and can’t figure out why exactly this is a problem…

I have the following structure in my content dir (terminal) and below that I am printing some page/site variables from on /posts/welcome.md. (One image, as ‘new users can only post with 1 embed’).

My question is:
Why is (Next|Prev)InSection nil, when for instance in this case I would expect ‘NextInSection’ to be occupied with /posts/welcome1.md and PrevInSection to be nil, as there is only 1 othercontent/posts file available in the same top level section as /posts/welcome.md.

I am not sure if I am completely missing what is happening here, but my understanding is that it should be populated with the _next thing in the same top level section, i.e. folder within content/. No matter what view/markdown file I am rendering these page/site variables on, (Prev|Next)InSection are always nil…

Found the issue, the theme I was using had disableKinds set to ["section", "categories"] - This was causing the values to be nil. I found this out when I was expanding the site a little to have a news section and a custom list.html for the section.

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