Next in Section link points to Netlify subdomain instead of baseURL

Hi there,

I recently deployed my hugo site to netlify -

In my Hugo site structure is a folder called about me and inside I have 2 pages.

When I go to the bottom of those 2 pages, there is a link to the other page in that folder. However I noticed that when I click on those links instead of correctly going to

Instead it goes to my netlify default subdomain…

Looked at my repo but can’t see where I can correct it so its consistent with

Any thoughts?

This seems like a Netlify issue.

In the Netlify settings you need to make sure that the Netlify subdomain redirects to your domain.
Have a look at their documentation or ask at the Netlify forum.

We do not offer support for Netlify here.

I’ve got a hunch that your site hasn’t been rebuilt since you updated baseURL from dream-raman... to baseURL = "". If you look at the code being served, it’s got the netlify subdomain all the way through it.

I’d check the latest build logs over at to see what might be going wrong.