New v0.108 config to Remove <p> Wrapping Not Working As Expected

Trying to test out the new “wrapStandAloneImageWithinParagraph” Feature and I’ve got it all implemented as documented and it’s still rendering the paragraph tags and rendering the passed parameters as plain text.

You can see the configuration here: a-naked-hugo/config.yaml at master · kristopherray/a-naked-hugo · GitHub which I deployed below just to confirm it wasn’t something with my local version (which is confirmed v0.108) and you can see the code itself, which is a mirror copy of the documentations formatting, just with dummy links): a-naked-hugo/ at master · kristopherray/a-naked-hugo · GitHub

I’ve got a sample deployed to a staging environment (not that it will necessarily help debug anything during the build process): Title of Post | A Naked Hugo Site Title

Any help would be appreciated as I’d really love to use this new feature!

I haven’t looked at all of it, but this is wrong:

        block: false

Should be true.


Dang, you’re a wizard- I swore I had flopped that setting already. Sometimes It’s just the simple things right in front of you. Greatly appreciated, sir!


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