New Themes Gallery site

You should check on that scheduler. The themes site doesn’t seem to have picked up any changes.

Ahh… The Canonify URLs broke it.

CRITICAL: 2015/10/15 unknown flag: --canonifyURLs

It is using Hugo v0.14 still and that breaks with the renamed flag.

This prompts two questions.

Should (long) flags be case sensitive? My gut is no… but short flags should still be.
Shouldn’t we have aliases for this change?

Ah, sorry about that. I had to add that flag … the alternative would be to start opening up pull requests for the themes that have an /exampleSite. And Hugo 0.14 is pretty old by now :slight_smile:

Both canonifyURLs and canonifyurls should ideally work, but I don’t know how Cobra handles this.

Now it just lists one theme.

Now the auto-deploy works … So, @digitalcraftsman – could you create a new and shiny theme so we could test that the new theme gets autoadded to that page? :slight_smile:

I created an issue for the new theme to test the auto-deployment.

@spf13 could you have a look at what’s failing in the autodeploy. I have tested it fine locally. Several new themes have been added lately, but it still says:

Last built: Thu Oct 15 2015 22:05

That’s odd. I just ran it manually and there were no errors. Perhaps I misconfigured the cron. I’m looking into it further.

Can you have a look at this … again. Last build date is 22nd November, plenty of updates after that. It generates fine on my computer. This automation invention is some great thing!

I checked and the cron is running as expected. I’m not sure where it’s going wrong. I’ll look at it further tomorrow.

For lack of a better place to ask this - what are the accepted values for the “license” field? For example, I would assume that if my theme is Apache 2 licensed, then it should be apache2, but I want to follow conventions.


I have had a look around, and this thread seems the most appropriate place to ask, if not please direct me elsewhere.

I have created a them based on a framework and would like to publish it - can’t see why not … I have had a look at teh thme repos and can see the theme toml / exampleSite etc. Is there a way of testing the structure before asking for inclusion, or is it just a matter of plugin it an and seeing?

Also, many themes readme’s etc have a slightly different ‘stance’ on things, I assume as ideas have developed. Is there a prime example that one should take the lead from?


You can find the build script for the theme site in this repo. By default the themes are stored under hugoThemeSiteScript/hugoThemeSite/exampleSite/themes.

There isn’t really a template or the example to follow. Most users seem to have looked at the README’s of existing themes and adopted their basic structure.

However, I would include at least the following sections:

  • introduction: what is this theme about (blogging, company site …)
  • installation / setup
  • configuration