Nested shortcodes seems wont be reloaded after modifying

hugo server --gc --disableFastRender --enableGitInfo -D

I’ve to restart the Hugo server every time I modified the shortcodes, is there anything I missed?

EDITED: The issue only reaches on homepages (content/, working fine for single pages.

I am unable to reproduce the problem as described.

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-45616 hugo-forum-topic-45616
cd hugo-forum-topic-45616
hugo server --gc --disableFastRender --enableGitInfo -D

Then modify either of these:

  • layouts/shortcodes/foo.html
  • layouts/shortcodes/bar.html

The home page is updated.

Just confirmed that the issue occur on the nested shortcodes.

{{% bar %}}
THIS MODULE SHIPS WITH {{% features %}}.
{{% /bar %}}

The _layouts/shortcodes/features.html` as follows.


And then modify the features, the page won’t be got updated, it also affects the single pages.

I’m pretty sure this is a known issue.

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Thank you, should I create an GitHub issue for tracking this on GitHub? I didn’t find an opening related issue on GitHub.

Might be one of these:

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