Need help with page templates order

I have the following file structure:

But the article in ai-7-days reverts to the layouts from _default. I have layouts defined for other sections (sorry I had to censor them out) and these work as I expect - layout folder has the same name as the content folder, and the layouts are taken from there.

What might I be doing wrong?

I tried changing the names of the folders to something that was further in the alphabet, to have no hyphens - that didn’t help. marks your content folder as page bundle, not section. Change it to and the section layout files should be applied.

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It does, thanks. Is there a way to keep it as a page and still have those templates applied? I have some CSS issues now that it became a section.

You can add a layout file in layouts/_default/blafasel.html and then add in the frontmatter of the page you want to style layout: blafasel. This will apply that specific layout. And change the filename back to

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Thank you!

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