Need help with main page using m10c theme

I’ve recently revamped my site and adopted the m10c theme m10c | Hugo Themes

I’ve managed to deploy it using Netlify, but I cannot work out how to get a web link to display correctly in the description. This is where it is defined in config.toml

    author = "carl caulkett"
    description = "I'm a musician who codes occasionally - I make music with repetitive beats - I use and endorse <a href=\"\">Bitwig</a>"
    menu_item_separator = " - "
    bio = "musician / gopher"
    location = "london, england, europe"
    site_description = ""
    copyright  = "powered by [hugo](//"

This is how it appears when rendered…


Any clues as to what I’m missing here, thanks!

The description parameter in site configuration is used in four places, three of which are in meta elements within the head element.

Including an anchor element within the meta data is probably not what you want, so I would create a new parameter in your site configuration for the side bar, something like “tagline”.

description = "Plain text that appears in meta elements..."
tagline = "Appears in the sidebar. Feel free to **include** markdown."

Then override the theme’s baseof template:

cp themes/m10c/layouts/_default/baseof.html layouts/_default/

Then replace this (line 33):

<p>{{ .Site.Params.description | default "Lorem ipsum dolo..." </p>

With this:

<p>{{ .Site.Params.tagline | .RenderString }}</p>

Thanks Joe! I’ll try this out a little later. At first glance, it looks like an approach that could be used in number of scenarios…

UPDATE: It worked a treat! This is prompting me to study Hugo more closely. The danger is that it will take up too much of my time :wink:

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