Need help in setting up Hugo postcss and fix errors

I followed all steps from below article to create hugo blog site.

Everything was done, but got error can’t process postcss.

So i searched things and found out that i have to setup postcss.

The above document to setup hugo postcss, i don’t it’s clear and i didn’t understand.

So searched for articles but most are outdated and some steps are bit complex as a newbie in setting this up, i didn’t understand.

So, here if any professional or geek who already setup postcss for their hugo site.

Kindly, provide your telegram username, i will contact you for further guidance.

If you are unable to give your telegram username, can you please provide step by step newbie friendly guide as reply, and help me out.

I’m using "Blist-Hugo-Theme ( if required in this context ).

Highly appreciated, thanks :+1:

Do you even need postcss? I’ve turned it off since it caused me trouble that I didn’t expect to be set off by the supposed benefits.

Or perhaps use a theme that does not require postcss? Or no theme at all until you’ve got a grip on Hugo?

Follow the theme configuration guide after installing node JS.

Yep, can you provide your telegram username?

I need some guidance and to clarify things?

Postcss is required, i don’t think it’s enough.

I don’t use telegram nor do I plan to do so. And postcss is never “required”, its just an optimization. Supposedly.

Without postcss, theme is not get installed.

If i git push without postcss, only site xml is showing up in blog url.

If postcss is not required, how to turn off.

What if theme i choosed require postcss, and which blog hugo themes exactly which don’t use postcss?

If you don’t use telegram, would you mind twitter? or any other platform except platform, where it’s convenient to chat, forum is not easy one.

Again, follow the requirements in theme installation. They are there for a reason. You are not following instructions.

I don’t have enough knowledge to help with that. Maybe @jmooring can help.

You have no permission to install postcss where you want to install it.

I’m sorry, but there’s no point to this. Use a simple theme, learn some Unix and install postcss only if you really need it. Which you most probably don’t.

The theme require postcss, without that it won’t work.

What to do in this context?

I have to deploy site, it’s not time to do all this.

Every individual situation is different. I wanna deploy that theme and want solution, i can’t use a poor theme.

How do you know that? I’d clone head.html and modify it so that it does not use postcss. I’m confident that this will not cause any trouble.

Thank you so much for referring blist theme guide.

I do followed it, and yeah it didn’t work right right out, had to some changes and stuff here and there, but the most important part is it.

Highly appreciate your help and support, thanks again.

Thanks everyone who helped me, have a good all, see ya :slight_smile:

The theme uses Tailwind CSS.

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