Need help in creating multiple blog sections

Hey there,
I am very new to hugo and wanted to create a science blog here, I already had a site on webflow, , I wanted to replicate the different categories of this site(physics, chemistry, maths ,bio) in a similar way as in the site. Is there a way to do that?
i am using the meghna-hugo theme without any changes (
I basically want different pages for diff blog categories and want them to appear on the navbar of the site.
any help would be really appreciated

yes in read that article
but making a categories section in post still doesnt show it in the site

can I somehow make different blog pages with different articles?
so instead of only blog in navbar
have 4 diff sections phy,math,bio,chem and upload a post individually on either of them

You can put all your articles in a directory (for example /articles/) and add 1 of your 4 catégories to each article.

Or you can publish 4 categories (/phy/, /math/, etc.) without using categories. (Or using categories but not pyh, math, etc.) In Hugo, first directories are sections: Content Sections | Hugo

In the 1st case: list categories in your menu.
In the 2nd one: list sections.

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