[Need Help] I am Confused to create Pagination

I am confused to create pagination on this site.
This site is a gift for the non-profit & education organization.

  • I want to create 8 posts on each page on /blog & /news prefix.
  • And, on the homepage, I want to display news (without image thumbnail) list above the blog posts list.

I need some guidance in implementing pagination system and showing some type of post on the homepage.

Site address: www.sirnarasa.org
Repository: https://github.com/Sirnarasa/beranda

I appreciate any helps, and thanks before.

Having gone through the pagination doc, which part are you having trouble with?

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This is list.html code, sir.

{{define "main"}}
{{ partial "head" . }}
{{ partial "nav" . }}

<div class="mw7 center">
    <ul class="flex-ns flex-wrap mhn1-ns pa3">
            {{ range .Paginator.Pages }}
            <div class="w-50-ns ph1-ns flex">
              {{ .Render "li"}}
        {{ end }}
  {{ partial "pagination" . }}
{{ partial "footer" . }}

It show blank page :smiley: