Need help fixing my schema.html file

hello im facing a problem in my shema.html file when i test my website in google structured data i get this error cancelJSON-LD Missing ':' after object member name.

you can find my shema.html file here

Can you show us an example of the actual schema generated by that code?

you can check it here :

Wrap the values in quotation marks.

i did that the problem still exist

Line 2:2806. Uh, weird. The <script> block simply ends with "image", not even the : is rendered.

You also need to wrap the image URLs in quotation marks.

Change this:

"image": {{ if .Params.images }}[{{ range $i, $e := .Params.images }}{{ if $i }}, {{ end }}{{ $e | absURL }}{{ end }}]{{ else}}{{.Site.Params.logo | absURL }}{{ end }},

To this:

"image": {{ if .Params.images }}[{{ range $i, $e := .Params.images }}{{ if $i }}, {{ end }}"{{ $e | absURL }}"{{ end }}]{{ else}}"{{.Site.Params.logo | absURL }}"{{ end }},

thank you this has fixed the problem

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