Need help checking if site config is correct

If anyone is willing, kindly help me determine if the code below is correct, and if there are any mistakes, e.g. code that should be in root being nested below another.

baseURL = ""
title = "SiteWeb"
languageCode = "en-US"
timezone = "Asia/xxx"
copyright = "© 2015-{year} SitewEB."

staticDir = ['assets']

paginate =  10

pluralizeListTitles = false

disableKinds = ["taxonomy"]
ignoreErrors = ["error-disable-taxonomy"]

 posts = "/:filename/"
 pages = "/:slug/"

  date = ['date']
  lastmod = ['lastmod']

	home = ["HTML","RSS","JSON"]

    category = "category"
   mediatype = "application/rss"
   baseName = "feed"

   rssLimit = 10

   enableRobotsTXT = false

   disableHugoGeneratorInject = true


     endLevel = 4
     ordered = false
     startLevel = 2


     unsafe = "true"

      typographer = true
      linkify = false

   changefreq = "daily"
   priority = 0.5
   filename = "sitemap.xml"

   includeNewer = true
   threshold = 85
   toLower = false

   name = "category"
   weight = 85

Looks good. Also note that there are online tools to check the validity of TOML (as well as other languages e.g. JSON, YAML etc) like this one.

I will bookmark that. I have noticed some online tutorials on Hugo use outdated examples hence why I needed to test. For example, one guide has paginate = "12" while searching through the forum, the advice is to omit the quotes.

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