Navigation and Pagination

Hello. AFAIK my issue relates to this thread, but is not a strict duplicate.

I want to add navigation to my posts. It should look like

← Previous Post · Next Post → · Other Posts

Where previous post/next post are powered by .(Prev|Next)InSection. Other Posts, as for now, links to the section page ( But ideally, I think, it should link to the paginator page where the post resides, so if the post is on 5th page, Other Posts should link to instead of, so the reader has an uninterrupted experience. Am I right that for now it is impossible, and, if yes, are there plans for implementation of such a feature?

  • Right now this is impossible.
  • I have no plans to implement this. But this is open source.

But even if I wanted to implement this, I wouldn’t really know how to. As I believe I said in the issue you refer to, there isn’t a one:one relationship between Page and “Paginator page”. It’s a one:many relationship. So; which one would you link to in “Other Posts”?

I’d suppose implementing sql-like interface that returns an array of posts matching certain criteria (e.g section=blog, tags=['games','python']). Then I could compute the link I need without having a link to that_specific_paginator.

Right now I don’t write in Go, later I may dig some manuals and make a pull request.