Multiple Langugaes selection with markdown files in HUGO:

I am making a single page website. This website will be having 2 languages English and German. I have made a single HTML file index.html in which I have made the structure of the website. I have also made 2 markdown files for the both the languages that is and Initially i connect file with the index.html that is working perfectly fine. There is a selection box in my header having 2 option for language selection that is English & German. So now i need to connect those 2 option with my markdown file that is and . When user click on English in the selection Box it should load the data from file and when user select german it should load data from file

You can find different methods to ‘connect’ the translations here: Multilingual Mode | Hugo

  • Translation by filename
  • Translation by content directory
  • Translation by translationKey frontmatter (a.k.a. Bypassing default linking [above two options])

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