Multiple index.html

I am trying to setup hugo to build my site like this. = a template index.html but there’s no paginator there only a html page that I define in code. = this page should act just like hugo’s default index.html that has the pagination and a list of content.

then there are some static pages and posts located in content/pages content/post respectively.

Can I setup a hugo site to be structured like that?

Currently I can set a custom index.html template but it seems that hugo always expects to have content shown in that index.html or some form of list.html

my main concern is to be able to have lead to a template.html for my homepage that might include some paginated content but also have which would then have the full list of content just like the way hugo treats and un-altered index.html

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Yes. What you want is doable. Sorry, I’m not near the comp at the moment to elaborate, but check out my Hugo Skeleton Site theme, which shows how to do just this.

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@stiobhart wow, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for this answer and example code!