Multipage Content Types?

I’m trying to make a site where I can have a content type that can optionally span multiple pages. For example, if I’m making a site with course information, some courses might require only a single page, while others might have subpages for general info, exam help, homework, etc. I’m thinking something like (under /courses):

  • /cpsc-1234
  • /cpsc-2345
  • /cpsc-3456
    • / (course homepage)
    • /homework
    • /exams

I was able to achieve something similar, but cpsc-3456 is treated as a category and I had to do some hacky stuff in the front matter to not include them as lists. Is there a way of doing this? I didn’t see anything in the docs

You’ll need to share your entire project for us to understand how your site is rendered. Please read Requesting Help and share links.

There are several ways to structure your content. I suggest coming up with a structure you want to use and work from there.