Mount instruction on Data folder still ignore the full path

I totally understand that Data folder are language agnostic but what’s the sense of having functionality like Mounts where you can specify the full path against a known kind, if this is not respected in the end?

Can somebody explain how this mounts is used then?

I do not understand your question.

@jmooring I used the Mounts instruction to have a dedicated subfolder as a data directory, but this again was ignored.

Say something like:

  - source: /data/en/
    target: data

The idea behind was to encapsulate the above mount under a multilingual site settings so to be able to access to the $Site.Data.whatever and whatever was picked from my dedicated/localised language folder.

Although I still don’t understand why you would want to do this, I will point out that /data/en/ is an absolute path on your file system due to the leading slash.

The idea behind was to have direct access to the content in the data folder with the $ without resorting to the index operator.

Perhaps the latter is more efficient?

Anyway, would a path without leading slash work? Or should tha be ./data/en?

I think it would be easier to comprehend.

Without a leading slash, the path is relative to the project root.

Thanks for clarifying