"module does not exist" after installing a theme

i got this error when running hugo server with the tailbliss theme:

Error: command error: failed to load modules: module " github.com/gohugoio/hugo-mod-jslibs-dist/alpinejs/v3 " not found in "C:\\Users\\jesic\\work\\blog\\themes\\ github.com \\gohugoio\\hugo-mod-jslibs-dist\\alpinejs\\v3"; either add it as a Hugo Module or store it in "C:\\Users\\jesic\\work\\blog\\themes".: module does not exist Steps to reproduce :

hugo new site blog
cd blog
git init
git submodule add GitHub - nusserstudios/tailbliss: TailBliss is a Hugo Starter theme built on TailwindCSS 3, and Alpine.JS. themes/tailbliss
echo “theme = ‘tailbliss’” >> hugo.toml
hugo server

Link to repo

You have to init your project as hugo module and add alpinejs dependency.

hugo mod init github.com/jesicasusanto/blog
hugo mod get github.com/gohugoio/hugo-mod-jslibs-dist/alpinejs/v3

I authored a pull request that fixes your project.