Mmark figure and img tag

I have an effect that I don’t understand and I can’t solve it.

If I’m adding a img to my md file


using BlackFriday this generates HTML

<p><img src="http://localhost:1313/complexsys2018/images/dirk.jpg" alt="dirk" /></p>

if I’m using mmark it wraps everything into figure tags like so:

<p><figure><img src="http://localhost:1313/complexsys2018/images/dirk.jpg" alt="dirk"></figure></p>

Now if I want to give the image a certain size


if add the size properties to the figure tag. I can’t get it into the img tag, I get this

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature but any help is warmly welcome. All I
m trying to do is to make the image a certain size and use mmark.

Thanks so much,

Markdown syntax doesn’t accept size attributes, but, you can insert the image/figure tags directly if you like, or, you can use a shortcode if you prefer that.

MMARK can to add CSS class for figure



<p><figure class="big"><img src="test" alt=""></figure></p>
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thanks for the tip

Yes. I have a workaround. I was just curious why with one mmark there’s an additional figure tag around stuff whereas blackfriday there isn’t. That seemed odd to me. But I’m a beginner :slight_smile:


I use img and figure for different purposes… the former for inline images, and the latter for block images.

With the figure tag wrapping, you’d then need to set a CSS property (probably display-inline?) to show that figure in the non-default inline fashion.