Missing link render hook attributes

There is only page, destination, title, text, and plain text. If a link has class or style attributes originally, they are lost.

Not sure I understand. You can attach markdown attributes to images, headings, and fenced code blocks – so the .Attributes map is available in those render hooks.

I was referring to render-link.html in particular. But I didn’t realize it only runs for Markdown links, not all links, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify attributes for Markdown links, as far as I can tell. So it’s a moot point.

yes, because it’s not a block element.
But that said… would it be costly (in term of build time) to add the following syntax ?
[title](destination "text" {.class #link})
The curly brackets would prevent the confusion with the destination. Only issue, that would only work with enclosed inline elements.
*element{#id .class}* could work too. Same with list elements, while the list itself requires the attribute on the next line:

- element 1 {.class_element}
- element 2

There would just be the issue of the code element (sticks), I think. I know you do not define the norm, but maybe as an extension ?

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