Minor irritation with languages


I was irritated by the new nice message of Hugo 0.32

Although I have

languageCode = "de-DE"

in config.toml

the message indicate that all pages are in EN.

                   | EN   
Pages            | 128  
Paginator pages  |   0  
Non-page files   |   1  
Static files     | 663  
Processed images |   1  
Aliases          |  22   
Sitemaps         |   1  
Cleaned          |   0  

I am not too worried, but maybe I missed something.

On a multilanguage site I get two columns as I expected but

although I defined:

DefaultContentLanguage = "de"

the first column is EN and the second is DE.

Any hints?

  1. The language code in that table is from your languages definition (i.e. related to multilingual)
  2. The order is the order of the languages (respecting weight etc.)
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Thanks! This would answer the second question. But why is there “EN” in the table while the site is completely in “DE”?

Because you have no language definition, so it defaults to “en”. There is no language detection. You have to be explicit. (I know that you have a languageCode, but we don’t consider that, currently …)

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