baseURL + subfolder + translation = problem?

I have a website with default language and fr. In order to generate correct fr menu links, I use what is given in the documentation:
<a href="{{ .URL | absLangURL }}">{{ .Name }}</a>

But my baseURL is set to “” and thus links are created to / instead of /

If I change baseURL to be just “/”, everything works normally.

Where did I do something wrong?

After doing some tests, I realise that absLangURL is giving the correct answer: “/”. So the problem seems to come from .URL that spits out

By what should I replace .URL?

After some more investigations, here is the typical behaviour:

baseURL = ""
defaultContentLanguage = "en"
name = "Example"
url = "/example/"
name = "Exemple"
url = "/example/"

Inside the content folder content, we have the two files and Now while browsing at page
we have:
{{ .URL }} = /folder/example
{{ "" | absLangURL }} =
{{ .URL | absLangURL }} =

I am a complete beginner in Hugo so I don’t know if everything is doing what it is expected. Any thoughts?