Menu per section

I have multiple sections. I want to create a menu for each section that displays only the pages of that section.
Do I have to create a partial layout for each section and use a specific name for the menu and add each menu to the config.toml or is there an easier way to do this ?

Any progress on this? I am trying something similar.

Whenever I visit a child page, I would like for there to be a second navigation menu that is the that section’s parent and children.

As far as I can tell, no.

We wrote a parser that parses all subfolders with content. The parser looks at the weight of the page and the parent tag and orders them accordingly. Once the three structure is established, we generate the html code for each section and dumped into the theme/partials directory. Then we include these partials in the layout/single files according to the url’s.

We run this parser before you start hugo