Mediumish-go-hugo theme yelds empty home page

Hi @jmooring, and first of all thanks for your help!

Second, allow me a general side note: me, I did not mess with the config.toml file, nor did I modify any template. When I first downloaded that theme, years ago, I simply assigned the values I needed to the several variables, wherever they were in the sample file, copying and pasting the extra language sections as and where they were in the original config file.

Also, I did not modify any template. In other words, what’s quite messy is the template as is at, and IMVHO themes so messy shouldn’t be listed there, ever.

This said…


If I run “hugo new content” all I get is the “Failed to resolve “content” to a archetype template” error that I only found mentioned here, but without solution.

so I created a content/ file like this manually:

title: "Welcome"
draft: false

but see that having it or not, and with or without the “home page” code you suggest to add, makes no difference for what follows.

About the index.html template: here, I am really confused and sorry, because I realized that something weird happened on the old server, but don’t know exactly what/when/why.

The actual file layouts/_default/index.html that works fine on the old server/hugo version I must dismiss, and paginates properly at 6 POSTS (not pages) per page is the one pasted below. With the current version of Hugo, instead:

  • if I replace the pagination code of that templated with the one you suggested I get an “extra {{end}} error”

  • with or without a file, the current version of Hugo + the mediumish theme do paginate what I need… but in the wrong place. That is, they produce (see screenshot):

    • a home page that only lists PAGES (that is the .md files inside the “content” folder), not the actual posts that are in the “content/post” subfolder!
    • but the first entry in that page (“Posts”) is a link to “posts/index.html” which does lists/paginates the actual posts. In other words, what should be in /index.html, /page/2/index.html etc… is instead in /post/index.html, /post/page/2/index.html and so on.

What now? Thanks!!

The screenshot:

The index.html template:

{{ define "header"}}
    {{- partial "_shared/navbar.html" . -}}
{{ end }}

{{ define "main" }}
    {{- partial "_shared/title.html" . -}}
    <div class="main-content">
        <!-- Posts Index
        ================================================== -->
        <section class="recent-posts">
            <div class="section-title">
                <h2><span>All Posts</span></h2>
            <div class="row listrecent">
                {{ $post_paginator := .Paginate (.Pages) 6 }}
                {{ range $post_paginator.Pages }}
                    {{- partial "list-partials/postbox.html" . -}}
        {{- partial "list-partials/pagination.html" $post_paginator -}}
    {{- partial "_shared/alertbar.html" . -}}
{{ end }}

{{ define "footer"}}
    {{- partial "_shared/jumbotron.html" . -}}
    {{- partial "_shared/footer.html" . -}}
{{ end }}