MD and HTML as page resource

Hi, I create my content file structure like below. And and jupyter.html will be used as resource of page

After render my blog

But rendered site not contains jupyter.html and how can i contain html and md? Please help me.

In your single template, you can grab the page resources you want (jupyter.html and and insert their content alongside your main content.

Must I place my md and html resource file alongside my content manually? unlike other resource? or if i grob my resource on template file, then it is done automatically? and how can i grob my resource? i am not friendly with template language

Here’s a quick example. Given content like this

└── section
    └── page-1
        β”œβ”€β”€ jupyter.html

Then this code in template layouts/_default/single.html

{{ .Content }}

{{ $matches := .Resources.Match "*jupyter*" }}

{{ range $matches }}
  Filename = {{ .Name }}
  Content = {{ .Content }}
{{ end }}

Will give output in file public\section\page-1\index.html

<p>main content.</p>

  Filename = jupyter.html
  Content = html content.

  Filename =
  Content = <p>markdown content.</p>

Thank you for your solution. Just like you said, I rewrite my theme’s layout template. Although md and html file not copied to /public, But the contents of them merged into index.html. (I was going to use β€˜iframe’ tag for html).
Now I make my custom shortcode β€˜merge_html’. Thank you.
<div> {{ (.Page.Resources.GetMatch (.Get 0)).Content }} </div>