Markdown and org-mode tables not rendering correctly in post

I have read the documentation and tried many variations of the markdown table syntax as well as the org-mode table syntax, but hugo is rendering my table as plain text within a

tag. I am using the Material Docs theme (

Here is the raw markdown. Note that I get the same result if I use org-mode table syntax, prepend these table rows with pipes, or remove the line at the top.

`WordBrewery currently supports the following nineteen languages:

Arabic | Greek | Japanese | Russian
Chinese | German | Korean | Serbian
Danish | Greek | Norwegian | Spanish
English | Hungarian | Polish | Swedish
French | Italian | Portuguese | Ukrainian

As WordBrewery continues to grow and attract subscribers and donors, we will add additional `

And here is how it is rendered:

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Try to add to front matter markup: mmark, but support for the mmark can be disabled soon.

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you need insert the table in front of the line, that is to say there is no space before the table