Manually set anchor point for Image Processing

We can pass a parameter to .Fill function for crop a image like this

$image.Fill "600x400 Top" 

Is it possible to use exact value on position, instead of value like Center, TopLeft, Top …

Those are called anchors, ne? From


Only relevant for the Fill method. This is useful for thumbnail generation where the main motive is located in, say, the left corner. Valid are Center , TopLeft , Top , TopRight , Left , Right , BottomLeft , Bottom , BottomRight .

{{ $image.Fill "300x200 BottomLeft" }}

What is an example of an exact value?

Something like “50px from the top” or “5% from the bottom”


This is best done after publishing via a javascript library like this one:

“focal point” is the verbiage you want to google for :wink: