Making code blocks expand by default in Hugo/LoveIt

I’m using Hugo with the LoveIt theme( LoveIt (, and when I put a block of Python in my code, whether between backtick code fences or “highlight” tags, it appears in the rendered blog post collapsed, just a highlighted line with an arrow and the word “Python” that readers have to click to expand.

Is there an option I’m missing to show the whole thing by default or maybe just the first few lines in a scrolling DIV then a “more” arrow to expand fully? I figured out that the maxShownLines in [] defines the cutoff for auto-collapsing. But what if you want to override that for a specific code fence?

I’ve looked through the LoveIt and Highlight config options and I’ve found a 4+ year old post on making code blocks collapse (How to make a collapsible code block? - support - HUGO (, but cannot seem to find anything on NOT making it collapse.

To always expand the code block:

maxShownLines = -1

If you need something more, please contact the theme author: