Main Picture not rendering after Update to 0.57.0


today I have updated to HUGO 0.57.0.

Now my main picture on the main page is not anymore rendering, as before.

Small test site.

Thanks in advance for a hint.



0.57.1 already fixes lots of these errors. I did not try but please update to the patch release and see if it solves your problems.

I don’t find the definition of .Params.pfad_klein
you forget it?

Thanks for the help!

Today Arch Linux released hugo-0.57.2-1.

This has solved the problem.



P.S. It seems that 0.58 shall have some major changes.

Building sites … WARN 2019/08/18 13:30:47 In the next Hugo version (0.58.0) we will change how $home.Pages behaves. If you want to list all regular pages, replace .Pages or .Data.Pages with .Site.RegularPages in your home page template.

I have to be aware of this…