Main Block Not Rendering

Hi all,

It been a year since I’ve worked with Hugo so please bare with me; I started a rebuild on an old site and got my self stuck – There is obviously something I am not remembering and just have it screwed up during the rework.

There is a {{ block "main" . }}{{end}} within the “_default/baseof.html” and I can’t get a single or list html file to link up to it using `{{ define “main” }} {{end}}.

Can someone take a looksee and put me back on track? I have an old repo of the site in question at:

Note the correct branch is “rebuild”

Thank you and I appreciate the help!


I’m not sure what you mean. I put the following in index.html:

{{ define "main" }}
{{ end }}

And it shows up when I load http://localhost:1313/.