Mage tests timing out on fresh checkout

I just checked out Hugo into a clean environment, and I am getting Mage test errors when I try to build from commit 272484f8b.

As advised in the Contributing page, I cloned the repo, fetched Mage, then ran:

% mage hugo
% mage install
% mage hugoRace

which all run fine. Then when I run mage -v check, several of the tests fail with errors like these:

panic: test timed out after 1m0s
running tests:
        TestImageOperationsGolden (44s)
FAIL      60.980s

This is on a 2021 MBP with Apple M1 Max CPU, 32 Gb of memory, running Sonoma 14.0.

For a while I was getting pop-ups asking me to allow incoming connections to the hugo binary. Then I added the binary as an exception in the firewall rules, which didn’t work, and eventually disabled the firewall while running the tests.

I no longer get the pop-up warnings, but tests are still failing due to timeouts.

What am I missing?!