Local Search not working on cloudflare

Hi :wave:,

I have hosted my site on Cloudflare via GitHub.

I use Hugo Theme Stack ( “GitHub - CaiJimmy/hugo-theme-stack: Card-style Hugo theme designed for bloggers” ).

I copied all my posts from my old Hugo sites inside the “posts” folder. All posts are working fine when I click on the posts directly or use tags or categories. But when I use the search feature it gives a Cloudflare Nothing is here yet, If the project exists, it may not be ready yet. Please check back later. I guess it’s 404 error equivalent.

The demo pages that come with the template work well with search. Hence I think it could be an indexing problem. The same url works through link doesn’t work through search links even though it fetches those links. How do I solve this ? I want search to index my file if I add new posts to it.

nb: working well locally only problem on remote (cloudflare)

Thanks :pray:

You should contact the theme author. Search seem to be created by the theme author with custom index.json.

PS: You may use other search options though like Pagefind.

It is working perfectly locally. Only in the rmote cloudflare pages there is problem.