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I have been using HugoCMS for a little over a week and a quite impressed so far.

I like the LiveReload features of the Hugo server, however when i have done LiveReload on non Hugo projects using Browser-Sync i have also been impressed by these features in browsersync.

Mirror clicks across devices
Mirror scroll position across devices

Can someone advise if this is possible to do with the Hugo Server?



LiveReload, or at least Hugo’s implementation of LiveReload, does not provide anything similar to Browsersync’s ghostMode.

You could:

  1. Disable LiveReload with the --disableLiveReload CLI option, or by setting disableLiveReload = true in config.toml, and then
  2. Run a separate watch with BrowserSync.

I remember doing something like this a couple of years when using a Gulp pipeline to process Sass, before the introduction of Hugo Pipes. I was quite happy to say goodbye to Gulp.

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@ jmooring
Many Thanks this has helped.

Whilst your suggestion of setting disableLiveReload in the config and running a separate watch with BrowserSync, didn’t work well. It gave me the ghostMode features, so i got the tracks scrolls and clicks etc, but it didn’t reload any changes.

My solution was to run Hugo as normal and just run browser-sync start in a new terminal window.

I now have live reload with browser-sync working including the ghostMode features across all of my devices.

Thanks Again

Human Mark

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