Listing only specified tags

How can I make tag lists that display only specified tags?
I search for various articles but I didn’t find a solution.
I’m a beginner, but I want to use Hugo well, so I try to ask you here.

Please clarify your question. I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish.

I set some small topics on tags. I want to create a group of tags(small topics) grouped by large topics. For example, imagine there are tag1, tag2, tagA and tagB, I want to make lists like the following.


  • about tag1
  • tag2
  • Alphabet

  • about tagA
  • tagB
  • In order to make lists like that, I want to make tag lists that include only specified tags. Perhaps I cannot express my idea well because my English and programing skill are poor. Sorry for that.

    Sorry, I still don’t understand.

    you can check strings with defined patterns

    range over the tags and sort it out … findRE ".*\d$" .Tag in this way

    Why do you not use different tag names in frontmatter?
    Use the union function for needed merges.

    OK, must change some templates.