List posts by their first letter

Hi there
I am a newbie and am trying to arrange my posts under the first letter of the “title” using the code suggested by @digitalcraftsman as explained here…Lists of content divided by posts' first letter . I only made a small change to the code given by @digitalcraftsman
The code I am using is shown here…

and the result is in the screen shot here…

I am breaking my head , but am unable to figure out what I am not doing correct so that the alphabets show in the correct order

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Hi there,

Please do not keep asking the same question across different posts. Also please do not keep bumping up years-old posts.

Have a read about Requesting Help to see what to do to to ask for help. Post a link to your site code instead of a screenshot.

Should we pin the “Requesting Help” at the top of this forum?? Would help :wink:

It’s a big banner on top of the page that the user has to dismiss to make it disappear…