List / ListItem Render Hooks


a while ago I opened a PR for List & ListItem render hooks (Listitem render hook by alexanderhansen · Pull Request #9858 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub). I did without reading the contribution guide well enough (sorry about that…). The implementation broke in 0.123 (obviously) and I plan to open a new PR that works with the changes implemented in 0.123.

Why did I need to implement these hooks? I write a food blog ( - and I want to write the recipes in markdown and render them to different formats, currently HTML, JSON-LD and plain text (to include in newsletters). I’m using this since I originally implemented this roughly two years ago and will patch Hugo for this anyway. Currently I’m still on 0.112 and want to move on.

Please let me know if this would be of greater interest, so I will open a proposal and create a new PR.

Kind Regards