Links to pages that have been moved

Is it possible to create links to pages that automatically update their URL when the page has moved? e.g. via a custom alias that has been defined in the page’s meta data.

Assume I have the following pages:


And within I have the following markdown, containing a link to the other page:

Lorem ipsum [dolor](

Now, if I move to a new location:


That link would need to be updated like so:

Lorem ipsum [dolor](../consectetuer/

But is there a way to link to pages without having to worry about those links when I move the pages? Or am I going at the all wrong?

If you use always different filenames, use this

Unfortunately, the file names are not unique in our case. We could of course duplicate the folder of a file into its filename, but that seems like something that should not be necessary otherwise …

Aliases. It is a way to make a piece of content available at different URLs, but is dependent on your web server to handle.

Thx, that sounds perfect :slight_smile: